Hartington, Dove Valley and Biggin Dale, 20th August 2017

Sunday's 10½ mile figure-of-eight walk started in Hartington before climbing up the east side of the Dove Valley and then down to Pilsbury Castle. The castle was probably originally an Iron Age fortification before the Normans built a motte-and-bailey castle on the site.

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Hartington duck pond

Chrome Hill and Parkhouse, limestone reef knolls.  Axe Edge in the distance
Descent to Pilsbury Castle
King (and Queen) of the Castle
Then it was over the Dove into Staffordshire, a climb up the west of the valley with distant views in all directions ...
Sheen Hill, named after the nearby village of Sheen
Group with our visitor, Heidi

... before descending to Hartington for lunch.

Beresford Dale and Wolfscote Dale followed ...
John's curiosity is aroused ...
... but we could have told him there was not much to see
... before turning up Biggin Dale ... 

... and along Reynards Lane back to Hartington ...
... after some exercise with the sheep.