Cromford, Lumsdale, Tansley and Dethick, 17th March 2018

The walk today promised "fantastic views, a wooded gorge, waterfalls and industrial archaeology". Well, the rain put paid to the views on John J's Monday recce, the route modified slightly from the original drawn up by Eileen, but three out of four was pretty good in the circumstances.

The walk (in blue) a bit shorter than the original route (in orange) due to the mud. Still a lot of climbing (500m)

Wet at the start, wetter at the end
But what's a bit of rain when you have the opportunity of braving the amber weather warnings and walking in wind chill temperatures of minus eleven degrees. So, come Sunday, three VBR members (not the same three as Monday) set out from Cromford, 4-wheel drive essential.

Heading up to Starkholmes in the drifts

Riber Castle - local ruin, now flats

Fine example of local stonework in Riber

Lumsdale Valley Scheduled Monument and Conservation area, property of the Arkwright Society

Waterfall from one of the mill ponds in Lumsdale

Bentley Brook in spate on a rainy day

Bentley Brook on a snowy day

Some of the remains of Richard Akrwright's Lumsdale Valley factory which stretched up the valley and utilised the power of water to drive a variety of mills

Lunch in Tansley on the recce

Heading down to Dethick

Thirteenth century, St John the Baptist Parish Church, Dethick

Distant view of Crich Memorial Tower

High Peak Junction

Back along the canal ...

... to Cromford Wharf