Bunny to Willoughby and part of the Wolds Way, 23rd July 2017

This was the first of three self-guided walks on successive Sundays covering sections of the Nottingham Wolds Way with Malcolm co-ordinating arrangements, in particular the car shuffling from the meeting point in Willoughby-on-the-Wolds.  Today's was a six-mile linear walk from Bunny back to Willoughby via Wysall and John kindly offered to guide a good turnout of sixteen ramblers.  The next two walks will be circular to avoid transport difficulties.
Click here for an interactive route
 Here are some of Steve's photographs.
Start in Bunny

What beauties!
The walk passed an old entrance to the British Gypsum mines beneath East Leake and surrounding areas.  It's worth following this link to find out the staggering scale of mining near here -

  • the mine covers around 15 square miles below ground;
  • gypsum is currently extracted at a rate of 250,000 tonnes a year;
  • installed capacity is more than 600,000 tonnes a year.